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In this section, we will publish documents by comrades of Centre MLM Belgium

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Joint declaration : Learning from Lenin Guiding Thought

Joint declaration : Learning from Lenin Guiding Thought Next year, all the genuine revolutionaries in the world shall hail the October Revolution, the seizure of power in Russia in 1917. With the great Lenin at the head of the “Bolsheviks” forming the majority of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, the revolutionaries were able to overthrow the reactionary state and establish...

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OWA (MLM-pM), MLM Center (B), CPF(mlm) : First of May 2016 Maoist Joint Declaration

Uphold the flag of New Democracy and Socialism ! Nothing can stop the movement of matter, the movement of change. And the task is to make this change real, developing itself correctly, to establish a better world, a pacified and unified humankind, a more developed society where culture, arts, science and ecology govern everyday life. A society where robots help us...

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